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Innovative College Combine

Innovative College Combine @ Baker University
Sunday, December 8th, 2024
Last day to pre-register with a t-shirt order: Monday, November 11th
Jazz choreography shared with participants: Wednesday, November 27th

Payments are due 11/26/24. 
Full refunds are available until 11/26/24. On and after 11/27/24, 50% refunds will be given.


Register HERE.


Register HERE.

You will automatically receive an email when your registration is submitted. 


Register HERE.

Innovative College Combine 2024 will be at Baker University on Sunday, December 8th from 9:00am-3:15pm.  Thank you to Baker University for hosting while the University of Kansas undergoes major construction. We are thrilled for our seventh year of bringing a combine to the Kansas City area!  Colleges and universities from the midwest will be in attendance to recruit and represent their programs. 

Back in 2024:   All participating dancers will be sent an instructional video of the jazz choreography a week and a half prior to the combine.  Learn the choreography on your own time.  Come to the combine ready for a quick review then you will have an opportunity to show off your dances for the outstanding college coaches!  You will also learn choreography LIVE at each of the combines. 


Back in 2024 - Optional E.D.G.E. Workshop: Join us for a two-hour session with Tim Flattery. This is a session designed to elevate each dancer to be the best you can be and to prepare for the next step in your dancing journey. The E.D.G.E. College Audition Workshop will cover tips to improve desired areas of technique while highlighting your greatest strengths and creating a mindset and approach to new combos/choreography. Tim will also take you from being a good candidate to a great candidate by discussing ways to put your best foot forward while achieving goals that will give you that extra E.D.G.E. The E.D.G.E. Workshop will help prepare you for the Innovative College Combine…don’t miss your chance to have an edge up!

Class of 2025 Seniors: Seniors will have an optional opportunity to stay at the end of the combine for Innovative Choreography staff members to record each of the three combinations.  Videos will then be compiled and shared with the seniors as well as all college coaches!  This opportunity individually showcases your talents for the coaches, and coaches can refer to your video at any time!  Additionally, you will have all video files for your future needs: audition videos, reels, etc.

Dancers will begin the day with an opportunity to have professional headshots and full-body photos taken by the amazing Alexis Close of B.Close Photography.  All photos will be made available to purchase! 


Innovative Choreography faculty members will lead a stretch, review the jazz choreography, and teach technique, hip hop choreography, and a pom sideline.  At the combine, dancers will learn hip hop and the pom sideline LIVE.  Participants will have an opportunity to demonstrate each routine for the collegiate coaches.  Dancers will interact with coaches through scheduled mingle sessions.  Additionally, all participants will be provided a list of coaches and contact information.  Likewise, all coaches will be provided a list of participants and contact information.

The combine is closed to the public/spectators.  High school coaches may register to attend.

2024 Participating Colleges & Universities

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