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All of our services are available virtually as well as in person.  Innovative Choreography will work with you to determine what package best fits your schedule, needs, and budget!  Samples are available upon request.

In our virtual world, we break down technique of a specific set of skills in each video (for example, leaps).  The video will also include a few combinations so your students can practice the skills.

In person, an Innovative Choreography Member can work with your students in hour time blocks on multiple technical skills.


This includes a short stretching routine along with  partner stretches that will improve your flexibility.


From a basic developé to chaine leaps and renversés , we've got you covered!   There are tips provided to ensure that you are executing the technique properly. 


This video is geared toward dancers who are ready to put their technique to the test.  We provide combinations including variations of tilt jumps, switch leaps, turning centers, and more!

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The kick technique video includes combinations with multiple forms of battements.  We also break down various leg extensions.


In this video, we review different kinds of turns (pirouettes, coupe, pencil, etc...)​. We also provide you with the technique to begin working on turns in second.


This video expands on turns in second.  We provide difficult turn combinations including changing spots, adding in attitudes, and creative endings to turn sequences. 



Want to help your performers execute their routines with ease?  This is the video for you!  We give you exercises that will increase endurace so performers can make every move look easy.


Core strength is central to many technical skills.  In this video we provide strengthening exercises that will help your performer tone their abdominal and back muscles.


Let us help you with exercises that will strengthen and tone your major muscle groups!

Virtual Pricing

$20 per video

Multiple video discount: $15 per video

**Do you have something specific you are looking for that we do not currently have available?  Contact us so we can help!

In Person Pricing

$60 per hour (for 1 IC Member)

Multiple hour discount: $50 per hour (for 1 IC Member)

**Want more than one IC Member to provide feedback on your routine?  No problem!  Add on $25 for each additional IC Member per hour.

Please note that there may be additional travel expenses for travel outside of the Kansas City area.

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