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Innovative Choreography Competitions


Join us for Innovative Dance Classic KC or Innovative Dance Classic Wichita!  This competition is open to all middle school dance teams, high school dance teams, dance studios, and individual dancers.  Click the button below to visit the city of your choice:


The Open Championship will feature highly qualified and fair judges, DTU rules and regulations, and honest critiques and scoring. The Open Championship is open to all collegiate dance teams regardless of size or classification. Click HERE for more information.


Showcase your talent and get great feedback from our judges. An IC Virtual Competition is the perfect way to start your competition season, get an extra competition experience in, or to simply obtain valuable feedback! You will submit videos of the routines you wish to compete and receive scores and video critiques back at the end of the competition. This is for all independent dancers, studios, schools, and twirlers.

Click on the appropriate botton below for dates, information and registration!

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