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Cleaning and Feedback

All of our services are available virtually as well as in person.  Innovative Choreography will work with you to determine what package best fits your schedule, needs, and budget!


You send in a video for us to watch, we provide the feedback. An IC Member will watch your routine and provide a video critique.  Our goal is to provide feedback that will help you improve the overall package of your routine--anything from costuming, formations, technique, and choreography to performance!



An IC Member will come to your school/studio to help clean and evaluate your routines. They will give you feedback and critiques that you can apply instantly. You can go through as many routines as you would like in the time that has been purchased. 

Virtual Pricing

Connect with us for your quote!

In Person Pricing

Connect with us for your quote!


Please note that there may be additional travel expenses for travel outside of the Kansas City area.

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