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We bring camp to YOU!  We are happy to provide our services for your team/group individually, or you can invite surrounding teams/groups to join you.


At an IC Dance Camp, teams work together to not only become better dancers, but to have fun and grow as a team.  Throughout the camp, we will stretch, work on technique at an appropriate level for your team, and provide different stylized classes for you to choose from.  You may just learn something you can perform at a game!  We will also spend time developing your team.  Whether it's setting goals, learning to work together, or team bonding, you are sure to leave camp as a stronger unit than when you arrived.


IC Color Guard Camps feature movement (dance) technique, equipment training, and team development.  We will work hard and play hard, too!  Throughout the camp, we will stretch, work on equipment and movement technique at an appropriate level for your team, and provide different classes for you to choose from.  Synchronization is a major component of color guard performance.  What better way to learn how to spin together than working to become a more cohesive unit?  We will help you set team goals, discover new things about each other, and learn to work as one unit.



IC Twirling Camps feature movement (dance) technique, baton training and skills, and team development.  Not only will we help you to deepen your knowledge of body movement, we will make sure to hit all of the major sections in baton twirling: verticals, finger twirls, rolls, horizontals, and multiple batons!  At camp, we will stretch, learn about movement technique, drill those hard-to-achieve sections, work up to faster speeds, and provide classes for you to choose from.  Whether you are the sole feature twirler or part of a line, we know getting to know your teammates is vital to success.  At camp, you will learn about teamwork, cooperation, and leadership skills.


Does your school have more than one of the above groups (dance, color guard, twirling)?  We can combine any of our other camps to create a custom camp just for you!


This is the best of both worlds!  At an IC Choreography Camp we spend the morning in one of our traditional camp structures (dance, color guard, twirling).  In the afternoon, we choreograph and teach you competition routines.  You leave camp with both the "camp experience" as well as routines for competition!  Talk about being ahead of the game!


Camp Pricing

Camp costs are determined by the length of the camp and the number of Innovative Choreography Instructors.  Please contact us so we can help develop the perfect plan for you and your team!

Please note that there may be additional travel expenses for travel outside of the Kansas City area.​

We do not offer camps in Florida.  We can recommend a highly regarded company to you!  Contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with our Florida Family.

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