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Oklahoma City University

Stars Dance Team


Tasha Hinex


This is the 14th year that our pom squad has been a program here at OCU.  We have won 5 national championship titles through NDA and the NAIA in 10 years and we have over 30 All American athletes! Our team works throughout the year with skills and technique to train for the NAIA Championship where we compete in the spring! We offer the option of both sideline and competitive teams. We are also recognized as a sport in our athletic program, and through this we provide scholarships!


Pom scholarships are based on talent and need base. Once you apply to the school, you can apply for additional scholarships at Over 90% of students at OCU are on scholarship, and you can have other scholarships in conjunction with your Pom scholarship.


95% of the team is either a Musical Theater, BFA Acting or Vocal Major. Oklahoma City University is a private university and is highly ranked for athletics across the board. 

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