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Bethany College

Dance Team


Lorenzo Araujo


Bethany College Dance is a mixed program consisting of game day performances along with a competitive dance season.  Bethany College competes in the NAIA every year which means that we will compete around 8x's in the months of January and February looking for the opportunity to be invited to NAIA Nationals.  As a competitive team we compete Jazz, Pom, and Hip-Hop.  


For our game day performances we have both football and basketball performances.  For the football season we perform Jazz and Pom routines. For our Basketball performances however we like to explore different styles of dance.  From Afrobeats to Bachata, to the crowd favorite Hip-Hop. We like to do different dances that will A)Increase our ability to dance and B) Keep the crowd excited and engaged.  When it comes to our performances we want to showcase our technical skills while still putting a wonderful and engaging performance!


Bethany College, has private try-outs that are done during your on-campus visit.  Private try-outs give us the opportunity to see the specific elements that you bring the team and give us the best way to specifically allocate the $40,000 in dance scholarships that we have each year! 

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